Breakthrough Hybrid Model

no contracts. small setup fee.
just high quality leads for your business

What We Do

Online Marketing Pro works on a “Hybrid” model . Forget expensive agencies that bamboozle you with confusing ‘advertising’ jargon who expect a long term retainer contract and then sadly under perform. We only charge you a percentage of the profit you make on every conversion. Previously known as the Hybrid model we decided to make this model as the primary model that drives our ad agency. It is because of the trust that we have in our advertising funnels we work on a profit sharing model.

We sell leads your sales team will love, that also provide you with a greater ROI.

Why We Are

the truth is:

Very few agencies guarantee their work – because they’re afraid to.  We offer our services on a Pay-Per-Conversion (PPC) basis and we guarantee they will meet your specifications.

higher quality leads

We have built a proprietary system for targeting, qualifying and delivering exclusive leads in real-time.  Never shared.  Never re-sold.

Just pay for the sales you make…

…sweet, simple, and stress-free.

Guerrilla Tactics:

Anyone can throw up a landing page and generate a lead on Facebook. But not many can segment to deliver ROI, build ‘advertorials’ that warm prospects up and run traffic on multiple ad networks. 

Masters Of Our Craft:

We have been delivering leads to clients for a long time now. We know how to generate ‘volume’, but more importantly ‘quality’. Because we have learned your sales team would rather get great contact rates and engaged prospects any day of the week.

Our Team:

Namrata Kashyap

Namrata Kashyap is the co founder of Online Marketing Pro, with over 10+ years of experience in UI design working with some of the top names in the digital marketing space, Namrata has created funnels that have generated over a million dollars in revenue. With online marketing pro her goal is to revolutionize how clients work with digital marketing agencies, now every advertising dollar that the client will spend will be aimed toward generating profits for the company. This was previously refferred to as a hybrid deal in the market where the agency uses the advertisers budget to generate sales and take an agreed upon percentage of the profit the company makes out of every conversion. With our highly powerful funnels in place, we have full confidence that the companies that work with us will  generate the positive ROI and in return we will make money. Are you ready to join us on a risk free profitable journey? Email us @

Utsav Goyal

Utsav Goyal has been in the digital marketing industry for the past 10 years and is the co-founder of Online Marketing Pro. Having worked on 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of paid campaigns in facebook, google ppc and display, youtube, linkedin, mobile ppc and email marketing, Utsav has had the experience of generating 1000’s of highly qualified leads across many niches in the digital marketing industry.He understands that to run a successful business online you need to have a constant flow of highly qualified leads in your funnel. Having created 100’s of successful advertising funnels during this period, he understands what converts a cold prospect into a qualified lead which will ultimately generate sales for your business. Apart from handling paid campaigns he has also handled organic marketing campaigns via SEO and social media for a large number of clients in India. With Online Marketing Pro he aims at generating high quality leads for clients in a cost effective manner. 

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