Virtual Assistants For Digital Marketing Agencies

No Long Term Contracts. Weekly Payments. Free 8 hour trial of service. Affordable Hourly Rates

What We Do

Online Marketing Pro is an agency that supplies highly trained Virtual Assistants to digital marketing agency. We have virtual assistants who specialize in LinkedIn outreach, cold email marketing, website development, sales funnel development, facebook chatbot marketing, facebook advertising, lead generation, mobile push notification marketing, quiz funnels and more. 

 We save you time and money so you can do more of what you enjoy the most. It’s that simple.

Why We Are

the truth is:

You will find a lot of companies will offer services like these, but our USP is that we do not sign long term contracts and you only pay by the hour. 

If by any chance you are not satisfied with our services you can choose to stop working with us at any time.

When you decide to work with us, you will get first 8 hours in the first week as free, which will help you come to a better decision


Guerrilla Tactics:

Our goal is clear, we want to provide high quality services to US based digital marketing agencies at affordable rates. 

You just need to spell out your requirements, make the weekly payment, specify the hours and we will get it done for you.

You don’t need to hire a 50K/month executive to manage your services our VAs work for as low as $8/hour

Masters Of Our Craft:

We have helped a lot of clients along the way to generate leads through LinkedIn and email marketing. Don’t just take our word for it ask any one of the clients in the testimonials mentioned below.

When you work with us you will learn to write scripts that start conversation. These scripts have been tested in various industries and have generated leads for our clients.

Testimonial From Our Clients

Utsav has helped my company generate new leads with LinkedIN and email automation. He is highly skilled at utilizing LinkedIN Sales Navigator and marketing automation tools such as: Mailshake and ActiveCampaign. He found us 40+ qualified leads in just a couple of months.

Our Team:

Namrata Kashyap

Namrata Kashyap is the co founder of Online Marketing Pro, with over 7 years of experience in digital marketing she has run LinkedIn and email marketing campaign for many clients now. She follows the CAN SPAM and GDPR policies when writing emails. She has helped many clients optimize their LinkedIn messaging which resulted in higher reply rate. As far as email marketing goes she follows the Alex Berman approach that has been proven to generate more responses in a large number of industries, both B2B and B2C. If you would like to directly speak with Namrata email her @

Utsav Goyal

Utsav Goyal has been in the digital marketing industry for the past 10 years and is the co-founder of Online Marketing Pro. When you fill the form to enquire about our services, you will be speaking most probably with Utsav. He is an expert in paid media, but since the Facebook’s recent steps to shut down a large number of advertising accounts, Utsav has circled back to email and LinkedIn advertising. Utsav believes in getting paid for performance and you will be delighted to work with him. If you have any questions, you can speak directly with Utsav @


Mayur Malpani

Mayur Malpani is an expert at lead generation and has generated thousands of leads in various industries including dating, gaming, insurance, home mortgage, etc. He is our go to guy for lead generation and can help your organization grow at a rapid pace with lead generation and appointment generation.

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