Funnel Builds

For a small setup fee, we also take care of the funnel builds.

These funnels have successfully handled 100’s of thousands of dollar worth of  traffic.

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Focus On Growing Your Business While We Do The Heavy Lifting!

We buy traffic from a number of sources including facebook, google, twitter, youtube, etc.

When these people click on our ad they are sent to your landing page. 

We create custom landing pages that are attached to you website’s subdomain that convert this cold traffic into warm leads and while most of the advertising companies out there charge an enormous sum for setting up these funnels we do it for a very small fee.

And to add icing on the cake, our funnels have successfully had 100’s of thousands of dollar worth of advertising traffic at them and they have generated thousands of leads.

Yes, all this setup is included in the lead price!

We want you to scale your business!

Our business model is simple, we deliver you high quality leads on a hybrid basis, and the more those leads will convert for you, you will keep coming back to us for more. So it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our funnels are designed in such a way that they weed out low quality leads, so that you get only the high quality relevant leads that will convert for you! All this setup without burning a hole in your pocket.

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